Traditional business norm still powerful in the digital age


Business Card1

Social Media Era


In the era of social media and interconnectivity of people through smartphones, it is easy to think you are always connected or can easily reach others through the internet. However, a website address or a person’s LinkedIn account is easily lost in translation if a person does not have something tangible to remind them to reconnect after the meeting. Regardless of the all technology in everyday life, there is still a need for adding a personal touch, such as a business card, to your networking strategy.

In today’s day and age many professionals are bombarded with emails and many are left unread.  Business cards can be a creative and tangible reminder of the connection created.  So why not make your brand stand out with a premium stainless steel business card? When meeting in person, networking with business cards is an affordable approach to reconnecting in the future after your initial meeting.

A business card attracts attention and showcase personality.

The creative stainless steel design portrays more than just your contact details but also adds a persona to the company brand. With highly saturated markets that are hard to penetrate you must ensure that you stand out from your competitors. Don’t follow the crowd strive to be modern, sharp and elite.

The powerful team at Shanghai Metal Corporation has the technology and resources to help make this idea reality.  Act now and contact us for further information and start seeing the results.

Citation: Notes on Design . (2014). Sessions. Retrieved July 8, 2014, from Why Business Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age:

Ashley G. // Editor SMC

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